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Animal Corner – Fat cats need some tough love

Obesity is not a word that is commonly used. Perhaps the fear of retribution. Animals can become obese because their loving owners allow them to be.

Jenny Clarke, president of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA), has seen some sorry situations with canines and felines alike. “The problem is … love. Owners think that feeding tit-bits and special treats to their pets is the correct thing to do. In return, the animals show their love by hanging about and being on call.” Selectively rewarding, showing your feelings for your furry friend is, of course, more important with an older pet. “After their initial training and behaviour routines, giving a treat should be narrowed down to ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ time. On good behaviour. Thanking them for an achievement and a well done!” Got it.

Putting pets on diets is important, reducing portions, checking labels for fat and sugar content. “A happy cat is not always a fat one!” No. Check out the web, or your friendly vet for advice. Exercise? Playing is exercise too.

dog with painful elbow
Painful elbow

APAA is sometimes happier than other times. “Especially when we find a really good story.” A dog was spotted in Alvor with a huge abscess on its front left leg. “We tried to get info about the animal’s owner, where it lived.” Jenny is indeed smiling. “Someone had taken the dog to a vet, had it treated. It was last seen post-op with special collar and bandaged leg.” Wow! “Thank you, kind person. Hopefully, you or someone you know will see this article and pass on our best wishes.” A high five perhaps? A friendly paw no doubt.

Check out your diary

  • ‘Pop-Up’ Table at Almádena Hall (near Luz), Saturday, February 10, 11am-3.30pm. Excellent quality goods on sale. Lighting, lamps, ornaments, glassware.
  • Jolly Bar Alvor, near campsite, Friday, February 16, 11am-2pm. Soft furnishings donated by Holiday Inn. Fiona’s Fi-line clothing collection, handmade jewellery and Gill Goode’s beautiful artwork.
  • If you can’t make the pop-ups, visit their charity shops in Alvor and Silves, full of duvets, rugs, ironing sets, hospitality trays … Why not get a couple for the guest rooms and your own? Everything for the house, garden and your furry friend too!
  • Ferragudo Car Boot Sale, every second Sunday of the month, 8am-12noon.

APAA Cat Colonies: [email protected]

APAA: [email protected]