Estombar Tommy
Estombar Tommy

Animal Corner: Estombar Tommy & Co.

Volunteer Trevor came across the little ‘Podengo’ fellow whilst walking his dogs around Estombar (Lagoa).

“He hasn’t got a name yet,” Jenny Clarke from the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) has just returned from checking him out. “The locals have made him a shelter, which he appears to be sharing with a couple of cats.” Cool. “He’s a happy chappie, fed and has lots of company with the local workmen.” We’ll call him ‘Tommy’ for now.

APAA has many disguises. Their motto ‘Here to Help’ is not lost on the pages of their rule book. “Feeding, caring, ensuring safety,” Jenny recounts their cause. “We ‘SNiP’ and re-home when possible.”

APAA’s Spaying and Neutering Programme (SNiP) is expensive but works, especially amongst the feral cats. Sometimes, they find re-homing felines difficult. “They naturally congregate together for obvious reasons but will default to being inconspicuous and out of sight.” Just like domesticated cats, independent; whereas our furry canine friends do prefer constant companionship.

“Two-year-old Tommy seems to have all the social requisites. We’ll keep an eye out for him. He’s not a tragedy yet. A home would be nice,” said Jenny.

APAA’s attention is always on their ‘Pop-Up’ shops raising funds for their SNiP campaign, but also helping and aiding other animal shelters and re-homing associations wherever possible.


Pop-Up event in Alvor

Next on their list is an event at Jolly’s Bar, near Alvor Camping, on Friday, June 16, from 11am to 2pm. “There will be a lot of goodies,” said Jenny who has a list of items to collect and ferry around. A fridge for someone. Cat food to collect. At the event, they will have Gill Goode with her artwork, Fiona’s Fi-Line collection of fashionable clothes, stunning hand-made jewellery and natural make-up products. Along for the special day is Nichola with her bio-homegrown products, flowers, herbs, vegetables and freshly laid eggs. Different shapes, colours and sizes! Also, Jenny’s jams, marmalades and chutneys, and Jackie’s special cookies. Yum!

The re-homing list follows:

  • ‘Marley’, a beautiful four-month-old Beagle-type puppy, lives on an apartment balcony for most of the time. Owner, sadly, realises she took on more than she could chew.
  • Six-year-old ‘Lilly’, golden, sweet-natured and a hunting hound.
  • Rafa’, two-year-old German Shepherd. “He’ll make someone a handsome pet,” said Gary of Pet Park in Mexilhoeira Grande, where Rafa is now. Gary will miss him when he goes. “He follows me everywhere, when he’s not on guard duty!” Rafa was popular during his ‘Pop-Up’ visit at Manu’s a couple of weeks ago. Nearly re-homed twice! Come on folks, what are you waiting for?
  • There will be several cats on the re-homing list. They are not ready yet; need vaccinating and ‘SNiP’ping’ first.

Interested? Contact either Jenny on email [email protected] or Gary at Pet Park on 926 660 465.

Cat Colonies and feeding – [email protected]

‘Pop-Up’ Shops and events – [email protected]