'Art' Once a Dog
'Art' Once a Dog

Animal corner: cruelty for pleasure … surely not!

Zoosadism is a word which encapsulates cruelty to animals.

The FBI and other agencies’ profilers show that humans whose behaviour starts with the normalised cruelty or harming of animals is the first step towards psychopathic behavioural tendencies.

A graceful, beautiful animal the Weimaraner is a German gundog, used for its agility and speed when hunting. This, of course, leads to another question – should we be hunting at all? Take a break.

Animal Rescue Algarve’s (ARA) monthly newsletter covered the story of ‘Art’, once a stunning animal, reduced to a bag of bones. The animal has been given a lot of attention and veterinary care. “But unfortunately, the prognosis is not good.” Fostered to a kind caring family, guiding her gently towards hopefully a peaceful quiet end.

João Ferreira, general manager of ARA, has seen it all. He personally has several amputees in his personal care. “Never, ever give up!” he grins. He is a happy chappie; he loves animals and his full-time work is to ensure their well-being and happiness.

Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) has a good solid relationship with ARA, whose founder and leader Sid Richardson and APAA’s president Jenny Clarke have grounded the ‘Legacy for Pets’ idea, originally a dream of Sid’s, now a reality.

Jenny in the Jungle
Jenny in the Jungle

If, for any reason, you become ill or are no longer able to look after your pet(s), your appointed ‘pet guardian’ takes over. Our pet’s life extended and finally found a home.

APAA’s motto ‘Here to Help’ has been well worn through the three decades of their existence. Once-upon-a-time shelter, now a team working for the abandoned and feral animals, raising money in any way possible to fill the expensive increasing costs of animal care.

“Cat colonies are growing all the time.” Jenny’s call for help is always, “More cat food, please!”

Zélia Santos, their key cat colony persona, agrees. “But helping hands are always needed too!”

ARA has recently erected a new colony in Quarteira’s parish. A plush condominium of cat houses. “It seems we both have the same themes in common!” Sid laughs. Coincidentally, both APAA and ARA’s cat houses are manufactured by the skilful inmates of Silves Prison.

During a long, hot summer, spare a thought for the furry feline and canine friends who need a home, or need some veterinary care, through someone’s cruel behaviour, neglect or for their entertainment.

Little paws have a big cause. Three kittens were re-located to ARA’s ‘Cabanita’, outside of Loulé, each with one back paw missing. Deliberate …

There is so much still to be done!

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