Cat colonies
Cat colonies

Animal Corner – Controversial cats

The acronyms TNR, SNiP and APAA are all connected in the four-pawed animal kingdom. Especially in reference to cats.

‘Trapping, Neutering and Return’ is used for many years in Australia, America and Canada, where their cat populations have been busting out of all proportion.

Jenny Clarke, president of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA), has just completed another successful trapping session with Zélia Santos, APAA’s Cat Woman for real!

“There’s nothing glamourous about this sort of job.” Hands heavily padded with anti-claw scratching, spitting, biting protection. “TNR is the favoured way of dealing with the growing problem.” Zélia has coerced one of the two cats into a cage. Jenny holding another whilst trying to prise open the cage door. “This is just the tip of the iceberg. TNR works, but it receives a lot of hostility amongst the human inhabitants.”

Even behavioural experts scratch their heads when it comes to the feral feline population and its control. Several products have been produced for the contraception of cats. Administering drugs, either orally or by injection, means catching the cat first! Then having to monitor which cat has been jabbed, fed a pill or whatever for two years. “At the moment, SNiP is our only true resolve!”

Mother cat and kits
Mother and kits

The Spaying and Neutering Programme raises money for TNR purposes. The main concern worldwide is nobody wants a cat colony on their doorstep. But cats have to be returned to their natural native collective, where they can be monitored and given healthcare. Naturally cautious, cats remain hidden most of the time. Jenny, Zélia and caged cats have disappeared…

Diary dates

  • Friday, October 27, 11am-2pm – The Jolly Bar at Alvor. Visit Fiona’s Fi-Line Fashion, hand-made jewellery and Gill Goodes’ prints, cards and artwork. APAA’s ‘Pop-Ups’ always have a pet corner. Books, electric gadgets, jams, chutneys and preserves, and Nicola’s Bio veggies and eggs.
  • Friday, November 10 – Convento’bio pre-Christmas Special for arts crafts and small businesses. Visit APAA’s stall with usual and unusual items.
  • Also hugely popular, Ferragudo Car Boot Sales. Fair and Street market. Main one-way street. Sundays, November 12 and December 10, 8am-12 noon. Goodies galore. There’ll be lots of man-cave stuff too!

That Special Season Cometh – a time for giving – SNiP, APAA’s main concern for the Algarve, needs to raise money to keep furry, feral felines’ population down, helping with abandoned dogs and shelters and charities in need. Remember, every little helps. Don’t forget to pop-in to our charity shops in Alvor and Silves. Always a friendly greet from the volunteer staff. Take stuff no longer needed. Find something new you like or a gift.

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