Lady, or Jess as she is now known
Lady, or Jess as she is now known

Animal Corner – Animal dumping

Humiliation … going for a ride, car door opens. “Out.” Car gone. What now? Wait. Whizzing cars. Pedestrians. Not used to this. Someone approaching. Woof. Snarl. Woof. Okay, he’s gone. So, where are they? My people? I am waiting, obediently. They’ll be back. Night falls. It’s cold. Humiliation. Openly dumped in the centre of Portimão.

Zélia Santos, who handles the APAA hotline, alerts Jenny Clarke, president of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve. “Another dumpee!” APAA will take the scared animal to the nearest vet, who will check whether the dog is chipped or not. A quick once-over health wise. Then decisions will have to be made. Where does doggie friend stay overnight? The cogs and wheels of the APAA process for handling abandonees have already started. Finding a shelter is hard enough, finally a temporary home will be found. Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA), outside of Loulé, perhaps. Or Pet Park, near Mexilhoeira Grande. An APAA member, a private home?

Lady, or Jess as she is now known, is one of these dumpees and is currently at Pet Park, looking for a home, a proper one. “She is a real sweet girl.” Wendy has just finished feeding her. “She’ll make someone a really nice friend.” What are we waiting for? Phone!

“Real accidents happen too.” Jenny is loading her van. “Ann from our Silves shop took ill and has sadly passed away. We discovered her cat in a wardrobe!” So, what now? “Maurice, the cat, is going to ARA. João, their general manager, has kindly offered to take him.” Monkey was one such ‘apartmentalised’ cat. She lived in an ARA rabbit-hutch for a while until gaining confidence. She was re-homed. Excellent.

ARA's Cat Haven
ARA’s Cat Haven

Upcoming ‘Pop-Ups’ and Car Boot Sales

  • ‘Pop-Up’ at Almádena Hall (near Luz) on Saturday, February 10, from 10am-3pm. Excellent quality goods on sale.
  • ‘Pop-Up’ at Jolly Bar Alvor, near campsite, Friday, February 16, 11am-2pm. Everything and more! Fiona’s Fi-line collection and Gill Goode’s artwork.
  • Ferragudo Car Boot Sale, every second Sunday of the month, 8am-12 noon. Kick off February 11, following March 10.
  • Covento’bio Lagoa, stalls for Easter – watch this space!

“We really are very excited for our 2024 run of pop-up shops.” How so? “Thanks to Jane Flanagan at the Holiday Inn.” Another box loaded into her ever expanding Dr Who Tardis-van. “They decided to close down completely, remodelling, gutting the place.” Sounds humungous. “So, we (APAA) and ARA had first shout for their throwaways. Mini-drink bars, hospitality trays with coffee and tea making stuff. Duvets … Our APAA shops in Alvor and Silves will be busting as well!”

Money raised will go towards helping cat colonies, the SNiP Spaying & Neutering Programme, and abandoned animals.

Re-homing: Jess/Lady. Kennel bookings Gary/Wendy, Pet Park – 926 660 465

APAA: [email protected]

ARA: [email protected] (Wooff Shops)