Animal Corner: And Rafa came too! Isn’t he a beauty?

Whilst Jenny and the ‘Pop-Up’ team, headed by Anita, crammed the last of their goodies back into jeeps and cars, there was an air of something having been achieved.

The venue at Manu’s in Figueira was spirited and busy. Holding a ‘Pop-Up’ on a Sunday is a bit of a challenge. Anita and Jenny decided that it would be a ‘tester’. However, the idea paid off. The locals helped by turning up in enormous numbers. A sort of following has emerged amongst the men-folk. They know there is always a bargain in the power tools and DIY range.

One chappie decided to bring his special home-made brew of a limão liqueur cunningly disguised in an old Beefeater’s gin bottle. Manu had allowed him to take several tiny glasses from the bar to share the murky offering with the APAA ladies.

Bravely downing the strong tangy liquid, APAA’s crew returned to their work.

Gary, Wendy and ‘Rafa’
Gary, Wendy and ‘Rafa’

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve’s popular SNiP campaign raises much-needed monies through their ‘Pop-Up’ shops and various venues.

“Our Spaying & Neutering Programme is important, keeping the cat colonies going, while reducing feral felines.” Jenny pauses whilst taking cash from a happy browser. “But we also help other shelters with their new projects, if needed.” A bit of bargaining with a local over a chainsaw and a pair of gloves ensues. “We try and live up to our motto, ‘Here to Help’.”

Gary and Wendy from Pet Park (Mexilhoeira Grande) had just arrived with ‘Rafa’. “He’s been with us for a while,” says Gary, playing with ‘Rafa’ quietly outside. “He’s well trained and extremely good-natured.”

Children and other animals are passing by. ‘Rafa’ is genuinely pleased for any fuss he receives. A handsome German Shepherd, with a strong lean body, he is an intelligent, loving dog, gentle and kind. “He follows us around, especially Wendy when she’s cleaning the kennels,” Gary laughs. “Inspection duty!”

Pop-Up at ‘Manu’s’ –‘Bargain time’
Pop-Up at ‘Manu’s’ –‘Bargain time’

‘Rafa’ needs a proper forever home. A large, young animal, he needs space and friendship.

Manu’s special lunch at €10 including drinks had ensured the outside patio was full, shoppers stopping for a drink.

The next ‘Pop-Up’ is at popular Jolly’s Bar in Alvor on Friday, June 16, 11-2pm. Lots of goodies, including Fiona’s Fi-Line fashion, natural make-up and jewellery, Gill Goode’s beautiful cards and prints, as well as ornaments, household and outdoors stuff, pictures and books, among other items.

  • Don’t forget to make contact about re-homing cats and dogs with Jenny via [email protected]
  • Interested in young ‘Rafa’? Contact Gary 926 660 465. ‘Lilly’, an older small gold and white Podengo, is also waiting for the right home.