Lady Jess 2
Lady Jess is looking for a special home

Animal Corner – A year’s roundup

Where cats collect, there’s bound to be trouble! Jenny Clarke, president of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA), had been thanking João at O Tasco for the help and support he has readily given to the association. “Well, actually, Jenny, you can do me a favour in return,” he smiled. “I have these cats…”

Jenny and Zélia Santos, APAA’s real ‘Cat Woman’, have taken a tally of what needs to be done. “It will take a few days but, with help and stealth, we will manage.” The cat-nappers will trap and SNiP the whole ‘clowder’. Pardon? Collective noun for a group of cats. Right.

The issue is that there are 10 cats of assorted age and gender around the restaurant’s area. They keep the rat and mouse population down but are happily spreading their unwanted numbers in the neighbourhood. Complaints, of course, do arise, and some are the cause of local cats intermingling and doing what feral felines are known to do best. So, a natural colony has outgrown its purpose, well fed, of course, and plenty of room to prowl. Not anymore.

João from O Tasco, one of APAA’s favourite ‘Pop-Up’ places
João from O Tasco, one of APAA’s favourite ‘Pop-Up’ places

Rounding up the year is a difficult one. We have had a good following for all the ‘Pop-Up’ shops. Anita has been our ‘main man’ doing the hard work, along with helpers and, of course, our shoppers!

There have been successes also at Jolly’s Bar in Alvor. We are always looking for new venues; parking, of course, helpful, as is somewhere to have refreshments. Also on APAA’s look-out-for list are things to sell. We did have keyrings made by a Dutch couple, but they’ve gone back to Holland. Anyone out there interested in making, baking, arranging, edibles or saleable items? We have been working with Silves Secondary School. They sold magnets and Christmas cards. Eager little beavers. Following up projects in the new year, Head teacher Susana Barros is equally keen on getting students involved with the animal kingdom. Good stuff.

We’ve done some good work with Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA) and helped get the ‘Legacy for Pets’ kicked off. ARA have indeed helped with re-homing as well.

SNiP, the Spaying & Neutering Programme, is not exclusive to APAA, who help other shelters and associations with their costs.

Abandoned Lady/Jess needs re-homing. Pet Park’s Gary says she is a good, friendly, little dog. Contact: [email protected]