Animal awareness

A CONFERENCE to heighten awareness of the plight of animals in Portugal is to be held in the Lagos Cultural Centre on May 11. Speakers will include a representative of an Animal Welfare Association, a Portuguese vet and a government spokesperson, all of whom will have specific views to contribute.

The Animal Welfare in Portugal conference will start at 9.30am and run through until 1pm. The conference will be in Portuguese with English translations. A spokesperson for the conference organisers said: “This conference was born from a difficult situation that arose when a registered charity re-homed an animal and was subsequently summoned by the local GNR to answer claims of re-homing a dog that belonged to someone else.

Under Portuguese law a proven owner can claim their animal back for up to one year! Where does that leave individuals trying to help in the plight of unwanted and stray animals?

We would like to ask the Portuguese Government to amend this piece of legislation to aid the many animal charities working across Portugal. We invite people to come along and hear the views of our speakers, ask questions, become involved.”

A small charge of five euros is being made to cover the administration costs of the conference. For further information or to register for a place contact Nana 282 788 345, or Maureen 282 762 248.