Animal assassin scare alerts pet owners in Braga

Suspicions that an ‘animal assassin’ is killing dogs and cats in a residential area of Braga has put pet owners on the alert, with police also informed.

Writing over Facebook and posting some graphic images, a woman warned her neighbours: “Residents of the Quinta Fonte Cova area in Frossos, Braga, look after your pets, dogs and cats. Various animals have gone missing from the area. Some appear poisoned, others, after days of searches, appear cut down the middle just with their skin and bone broken, dry as if they had been embalmed.

“The photos show how cruel people can be”, writes Irene Brandão. “There is an animal assassin on the loose here. First he will tell you he saw the animal dead on the road and buried it. Then he will refuse to say where… then the animal is found in this state? (she refers to the images accompanying the post). “It’s all very strange. All the care is not enough…”

Response shows that people have noticed animals – mainly cats – missing from the area.

Says O Minho, incidents are being registered “almost every day”.

The bottom line is that there is a suspect, but so far no proof.

Thus the warning to locals, be vigilant. From commentary following the post, this appears not to be the first time someone has been purposely targeting animals in the area.

It’s a question of mounting look-outs, advised one commentator who claims to have caught someone red-handed targeting stray cats from a nearby cat colony

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