Angry winner eats scratch card

Low-cost airline Ryanair appealed last week for members of the public to vote on which charity should receive a 10,000 euro cash prize, after a passenger ate his winning on-board scratch card.

The passenger, who had won the money on a flight between the Polish capital Krakow and the UK’s East Midlands airport, ate it in a fit of anger as he was told he could not claim the cash prize on the flight.

“When the crew explained to him that these very large 10,000 euro prizes needed to be verified with, and collected directly from, the scratch card company, the prize winner became angry and decided to digest his win – literally!” said Ryanair.

Members of the public were able to vote on the airline’s website until today (Friday) to offer the money to one of the following five charities: an anger management charity, an eating disorder charity, a gamblers charity, a disruptive children’s charity or a mental health charity.