Angry Algarve OAP calls on Portugal’s pensioners to revolt

A very angry Algarve OAP has called on pensioners across the country to revolt against what he calls “shameful” minimum pension increases.

António Ribeiro, 73, has already made his dissatisfaction known to prime minister António Costa, sending him a cheque for €7.20 – which represented the entirety of his pension ‘increase’ for 2016.

Denouncing the ‘boost’ as derisory, he told reporters that it shows a “lack of respect for the poorest people” in the country, as they can’t even buy a litre carton of milk with it.

He wrote to PM Costa with his feelings late last year, but national tabloid Correio da Manhã claims his cheque was returned “with no explanation”.

The Silves resident is not, apparently, taking this lying down. He says he will now seek out and give the money to “the poorest person in the parish of Algoz”, where he lives.

Says CM, former gardener Ribeiro “appeals to all pensioners to show their discontent”.

The issue of minimum pensions is a difficult one. There are 350,749 OAPs who receive between €202 and €264 a month, says CM. In 2016, these minimum monthly payouts were increased 0.5% (hence Ribeiro’s “not even enough to buy a litre of milk”). However, new increases (0.54%) are due this month, and in August minimum pensions will be increased again by a bonus of between €6 and €10 per month.

It will be at this point that people like Ribeiro will finally see a ‘difference’ to their small monthly pension, and will indeed be able to buy that extra litre of milk.

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