Angolans scramble for visa entry into Portugal

With their financial crisis hammering life at home, Angolans are clamouring for visa entry to Portugal, reports Expresso.

In the first six months of this year, the Portuguese embassy in Luanda had already processed the same number of visas it had issued in the whole year of 2014.

If pressure by Angolans to visit Portugal continues at this pace, the embassy is expecting to have emitted as many as 60,000 visas by December 31.

The pressure by nationals to visit Portugal has even affected plane flights, writes the paper.

Destinations like China, Brazil and South Africa, are falling drastically in popularity while demand for flights to Portugal – even with all the currency restrictions and problems in Angola – are increasing exponentially.

A source for Angolan airlines TAAG told the paper: “Of the three daily flights to São Paulo, we’re now down to one, and our seven daily flights to Johannesburg have been cut back to no more than three”.

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