Angolan general tells Portugal “prosecute me or return my €2.6 million”

DCIAP investigators are understood to have seized a total of €2.6 million in cash from the Portuguese homes of General Bento dos Santos “Kangamba” almost five months ago – but instead of being prosecuted, he hasn’t heard a word from them since.

The businessman related by marriage to Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos claims he kept the money at home because he “did not trust Portuguese banks”.

According to media reports in October, DCIAP raided the general’s homes in Portugal, suspecting him of the trafficking of women for prostitution.

All these months on, however, and dos Santos is tired of waiting.

He says either he should face some kind of prosecution, or his money should be returned.

“I am not a defendant in any case. It’s odd. I remain with nothing”, he told reporters from Luanda.

Thus this week he has instructed lawyers to see if he can force DCIAP’s hand.

“Portuguese justice is going through a complicated moment,” he added – stressing his name has been besmirched in newspapers ever since the high-profile seizures.

Indeed, Observador carried the story in October, suggesting that €8 million in cash had been seized, along with a number of properties.

The news website said dos Santos was “suspected of being involved in a case of human trafficking in Brazil, namely a prostitution network, where the money was laundered through his participation in football clubs”.

In France too, he was said to be suspected of money laundering, with authorities there netting a further €3 million in cash “in two cars with Portuguese numberplates that belonged to him”.

But if dos Santos is to be believed, the cash was all legit and being kept to “pay workers and close associates”.

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