Angolan general issues multiple lawsuits on return of millionaire fortune

Following the release of his fortune by a Lisbon appeal court last week, Angolan “general” Bento dos Santos Kangamba has issued multiple lawsuits targeting newspapers, the police and the Public Prosecutor.

Claiming he has been defamed by being incorrectly linked to alleged investigations in France and Brazil over prostitution and money-laundering, Kangamba has told Voz da América radio station that he has instructed his lawyers to initiate criminal proceedings against “all the newspapers” that carried stories on him – suggesting there was a “huge lack of respect” on the part of the authorities.

As his interviewer pointed out, Lisbon’s appeal court criticised the Public Prosecutor’s handling of the case, saying at no point had investigators interviewed Kangamba when they impounded property and over €2.6 million in cash – seized from a number of his private residences in the Greater Lisbon area.

The “general” – currently in the reserve while he conducts life as a businessman – had explained the large stash of money, saying he “did not trust” Portuguese banks.

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