Angolan couple arrested for child trafficking as they set out for Spanish border

Child-trafficking networks using Portugal as a ‘back door to Europe’ are back in the news this week after an Angolan couple flagged flying in to Porto’s Sa Carneiro airport with three young children was arrested in the company of the same children close to the Chaves’ border to Spain.

SEF frontier control authorities had been tracking the duo since their arrival, fairly certain that the children were not their own.

The ‘family’ arrived from Angola and was purportedly on its way to Paris.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã this morning, authorities believe the children aged seven, eight and 10, “would have been sold” once they arrived in Paris.

The ‘parents’ have already faced hours of questioning by a ‘judge of instruction’ while the children are in the care of a temporary foster home while efforts are made to find out who they really are, and how they came to travel to Portugal.

This is just the latest of a number of instances where African children have been brought into Portugal. Tragically, not all of them can be ‘saved’ from whatever the traffickers have in mind (click here).

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