And we complain of traffic and tolls here…

Dear Editor

Having just returned from a few days in Blighty, which involved various attempts to navigate the M25, I arrived home in the Algarve and willingly paid the toll from the airport to my home. Traffic on the EN125 has been bad during the summer, but what I experienced on London’s M25 made me realise how lucky we are to live here. The UK desperately needs tolled motorways, but of course any construction of new roads is blocked by the tree huggers and then, without tolls, there would be no money to pay for the roads anyway. Apart from the M25, as far as I know, there has been no major motorway construction in the UK for well over 30 years, in spite of the huge increase in population and traffic. Earlier this year I drove down to London on the M1 which was nearly as bad as the M25. The UK it seems is becoming totally choked with traffic, even on Sundays it can take two hours or more to drive in slowly crawling traffic what should be a half hour drive. The A22 here in the Algarve was a breath of fresh air for me when I got home and I happily paid the few euros toll fee. Of course I agree that the payment method at the post office for those who do not have the electronic device fitted is nothing short of stupid. But as populations worldwide continue to boom, it seems to me that tolled roads will be the only solution for motorists in the future.

B. Perkins, Carvoeiro