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And fruit

Strawberries are plentiful and brighten up any pudding plate, and mangos are excellent value in many supermarkets.  So, there is no excuse for not serving the very best and tastiest fruit salad – please, please don’t bulk it out with apple!  Strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and mango (containing more anti-oxidants) are all good value, delicious and will go a long way to providing the five servings we need of fruit and vegetables each day. And if you are pregnant, did you know that regular servings of fresh pineapple and drinking raspberry leaf tea are said to make the birthing process easier when the time comes?

A tasty addition to fruit salad: take six to eight mint leaves, crush, and add a teaspoon of granulated or caster sugar.  Mix through the fruit and you will be pleasantly surprised.

And for an adult taste, if using strawberries on their own, add a grinding of black pepper to your freshly prepared fruit.