ANA stumps up for Lisbon’s unpopular new tourist tax

In a surprise announcement national airport authority ANA has said it will be footing the massive bill for Lisbon’s new tourist tax.

According to Lusa, the move could cost ANA anything between €3.6 million to €4.4 million. What is certain is that it will take the onus from the capital’s visitors – for this year, at least.

The unpopular tax – passed by outgoing mayor António Costa, now intent on toppling the PSD-CDS coalition and becoming Portugal’s next Socialist prime minister – was brought in this year and is aimed at raising much-needed cash for the capital.

The idea is to take €1 from every visiting tourist to spend on renovations of Lisbon monuments and the opening of a museum dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries.

Why ANA has decided to come into the mix is as yet unexplained. Also unknown is whether ANA will continue footing the bill next year.

Lusa claims more details will emerge shortly.