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With the main office established in Vilamoura since 2004, Ana Rosa Advogados has been, along with its partners throughout the globe, developing a successful law firm dedicated to supporting foreign investment in Portugal, both in the real estate and commercial areas, as well as in others, offering legal support to these foreign nationals in their expatriation and installation process in Portugal.

The legal support given to these citizens is based on diversity and constancy on the follow-up and backing of all legal civil areas, legal support to investment – obtaining NHR or Golden Visa status, for instance – as well as legal and contractual assistance in all other areas of their setting up in Portugal.

Their assistance in more than 650 NHR and Golden Visa cases, to both foreign and Portuguese families, showcases their know-how, thus offering self-assurance and trust to those who contact them.

Since the entry into force of the tax benefits for NHR and ARI (Golden Visa), thousands of families have decided to leave their homeland, their home, their families, and to come settle in a country that offers them better climate, more security, kindness and an attractive tax regime. Thanks to these expatriates, Portuguese economy has developed in an unprecedented way.

Ana Rosa’s team is proud to continue supporting, both legally and humanely, all foreigners who wish to get settled in Portugal and enjoy the most beautiful and serene country by the sea.

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