An introduction to ceramics

CLIVE GILBERT’S family, together with that of Emma’s (his wife), the Gilmans, established the Fábrica de Loiça de Sacavém early in the 20th century. Clive has been involved professionally with ceramics for 35 years, and among a wide range of interest and undertakings.

He is a chairman of the British Historical Society with which the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) maintains links. On Tuesday, November 1, at 6.30pm, he will present an historical background and overview of the ceramics industry, with special reference to Portugal, at Convento de São José in Lagoa.

His presentation will encompass explanations of different fields including pottery, china, stoneware, terracotta, majolica and bone china. Non members are welcome for a fee of five euros.

• Please note that because of the public holiday, there won’t be a talk at Loulé’s Municipal Library.