An essential addition to your library ….jpg

An essential addition to your library …

Complete Mediterranean Wildlife by Paul Sterry

THIS IS a deservedly popular book, which has been a bestseller at the Griffin Bookshop and was sorely missed when it became out of print a year ago. Although not strictly hot off the press, it has now been updated and reprinted and, if you don’t already have a copy, you should add it to your Algarve library!  

Complete Mediterranean Wildlife is a photographic guide to the wildlife of the world’s most popular holiday regions and includes mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies and moths, other invertebrates, trees and flowering plants.

Although not a totally comprehensive field guide for each type of wildlife (it would have to be the size of a microwave to contain that information), it does include practically everything that you are likely to see on your rambles. It describes and illustrates species commonly found in coastal areas, from Cyprus in the east to Spain in the west, and includes Portugal and the Algarve region. It also features species found in mountain foothills, as well as animals likely to be seen while snorkelling.

This beautifully produced book is just about small enough to comfortably take out walking and the full colour photographs make identification easy. It has been designed so that the text and photographs for each species are on facing pages. An easy to use series of grids, placed next to each species’ description, clearly identifies which photo corresponds to the appropriate text. At the start of each species’ description, the most commonly used and current English name is given – where one exists – followed by the scientific name of the plant or animal in question.  

With the exception of some bird species, the animals covered in the book are essentially resident. In the case of plants, the flowering season is given and for seasonal invertebrates, the main months of appearance are stated. As well as the categories already mentioned, this marvellous book includes sections on wasps, bees, ants and beetles; slugs and terrestrial and freshwater snails; dragonflies; fish; wild flowers; grasses and palms and climbers.

Warning: if you loan your copy to visitors or friends, you may not get it back!

Published by Collins in paperback at 26.50 euros