An enormous calamity

Algarve’s raging inferno seen through eyes and lens of reporter Bruno Filipe Pires

What I witnessed today was a tactical fire that targeted one of the most prestigious areas of the Algarve with the help of hot dry southeasterly gusts of wind.

A little after 10.30 this morning Richard Marques, operational district commander of Faro’s Civil Protection, in his briefing on the blaze that began last night in the Ludo areas of Gambelas, near Faro, warned journalists that firefighters would have a difficult day ahead of them, with a fire front stretching 8kms.

Even so I do not think anyone could have predicted what ended up happening at lunchtime in Quinta do Lago.

The flames powered into the golf course so quickly there was almost no time for gardeners and staff of Infraquinta to try and point irrigation outlets towards the blazing pine trees. On the other side of the road, the pine trees exploded, so violently and so quickly that people had to dodge the flames as they darted out. In such a short time, everything was burning.

Damages are incalculable. For all of us.

Bruno Filipe Pires/ Open Media


See short clip below. Meantime, the administrative board of the Quinta do Lago group has issued the following statement:

“Following the fire situation in Quinta do Lago, the Management of the Quinta do Lago Group would like to reassure all its residents that is closely monitoring the situation with the competent authorities that are acting onsite.

Some of the most critical areas close to the fire have been evacuated, as a precaution. We have also decided to close our Golf Courses, sports facilities and our outlets to ensure the wellbeing of our residents and guests.

We would also like to appeal to the entire community to remain calm, keep updated as local authorities are working hard on the ground. Keep safe.”