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An easy way to hit more solid golf shots

Starting from a balanced set up is one thing, but learning to move through the golf swing in balance is another, and that’s precisely what this simple drill will do. All you need is an alignment stick or you can even lay a club on the ground.

  • Step 1: stand on the alignment stick with it going through the midpoint of your feet (photo 1)

The idea of standing on the stick is to bring more awareness to the centre of your feet, because the simplest golf swing is one where you slightly transfer weight to the trail foot on the backswing and then the lead foot on the through swing, but keep the balance reasonably centred throughout; in other words, don’t let it go too far to the front or back of your feet. Yes, there is a subtle change, but learning to simplify it generally results in better and more solid shots.

To help this image, think of containing your body weight in a smaller space inside your feet as you go through your swing. You can identify this smaller space with something like a cap. (photo 2)

man playing golf
Photo 2

It’s a really simple focus, but this awareness and intention to complete your backswing (and the start of your downswing) whilst containing your body weight in this smaller space really can transform how you move your body. It will lead to a more compact and efficient swing.  With this awareness, you are more likely to notice if your body weight has moved outside of this space. (photo 3&4)

man playing golf
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man playing golf
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Go slow to start with and begin with a 9 iron. This is all about ‘feel’, i.e., feeling your body and joints move to complete a backswing but containing your weight in this smaller space. When you do this, you will stay in your posture angles much better through the backswing. (photo 5)

man playing golf
Photo 5

You may notice above that I mentioned you want to feel your body weight being contained in this smaller space at the start of the downswing. This is generally a good focus and stops you rushing and snatching as you approach the ball. Just a word of caution, don’t hold yourself for too long because you do want your weight to transfer through to the finish.

I hope you enjoy this tip.

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By Scott Cranfield
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Scott Cranfield is a PGA Master Coach. For over 30 years, he has dedicated his life to helping golfers achieve their goals through a natural approach that embraces the true laws of how the human mind and body work. Scott’s unique approach has led to the creation of multiple training programmes, and the experience of coaching every standard of golfer from complete beginners through to Ryder Cup players. As well as enjoying a long TV career with Sky Sports and Setanta TV, in 2011 Scott was honoured with the award of PGA Master Professional & Coach.