An art exhibition with a difference!

A SLIGHTLY unusual art exhibition is opening this month at the Galeria Municipal de Fitares in Sintra – not unusual in its theme, but rather due to the fact that the artists exhibiting their work are all members of the police force!

The exhibition, which brings together the work of 32 policemen and women, comprises paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. As well as the training they receive for official Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) duties, the police receive coaching in several vocational disciplines, one of them being art.

The aim of this exhibition, which is a co-production between Sintra Câmara and the GNR, is to raise awareness of the emergency services and the human characteristics of the people working in this important profession. It’s an opportunity to see another side of the men and women in the police force.

The Galeria Municipal de Fitares is situated within Fitares Shopping, located in Estrada Marquês de Pombal in Rinchoa. The exhibition, entitled ‘V Mostra de Artes Plásticas da GNR’ (GNR’s fifth artwork exhibition), is open now and will continue until July 31. The gallery is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2pm until 8pm.