Photo of Practice Portuguese app to help learn European Portuguese open on a smartphone

An App to really learn European Portuguese!

Text Molly Rudesill,

Earlier this year, Practice Portuguese released an innovative new app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Unlike many offerings in the Portuguese-learning sphere, the program teaches only European Portuguese. This singular focus has allowed the team to create a much more personal and relevant experience for those learning the language as it’s spoken in Portugal.

The creators have a unique background: Rui Coimbra is native to Portugal, and Joel Rendall moved here from Canada years ago. Combining the insider knowledge of a native speaker, with the perspective of a foreigner, the result is a platform that really speaks to the experiences and challenges of residents who are adjusting to a new life in Portugal.

With a 4.8-star average rating, the app has already become an excellent complement to the Practice Portuguese website. Users are raving about the engaging lessons, charming videos, spaced repetition flash card review, European Portuguese translator tool, and personalised support. It’s also been a godsend for travellers and commuters who can download personalised audio reviews and episode media for offline use.

Most people hate learning grammar rules, but Practice Portuguese keeps the explanations practical and easy-to-follow. Hundreds of translated example dialogues further illustrate how the concepts apply in a realistic context. Understanding spoken Portuguese is a strong focus, with both regular and slow speed audios recorded by real speakers. Their speech analysis exercise is also helping many learners improve their pronunciation skills.

The learning approach is flexible: some choose to follow a series of units in order, from level A1 to B2, while others skip around depending on their individual goals. There are hundreds of topics to explore, with everything from Portuguese history, to ordering at a restaurant, to demystifying prepositions, so there are always new surprises to keep learners motivated!

For more information about the app and website, please visit or e-mail us at [email protected].

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