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An American in the Alentejo

American artist Carolyn Caldwell recently spent time as the artist in residence at Obras in the Alentejo, where she created new pieces inspired by the light of the region and the endless vistas of oak trees.

Choosing to paint her images as twilight fell Carolyn Caldwell said: “In the dimness of the early evening, the colours are more subdued and the shapes more simplified, reaching a point that is near abstraction.” Now back in her studio on Deer Island off the coast of Maine, a selection of Alentejo images by Carolyn Caldwell are on display alongside those of more than 30 international artists, at the Corte-Real Gallery.

The Corte-Real Gallery in Paderne is sign posted from Boliqueime and is open from Thursday to Sunday from 11am until 5pm.

For further information, please call 918 980 199 or 912 737 762.