An afternoon of entertainment at Vale Verde

In the run-up to the end of term, the Primary Section of Vale Verde International School backed by the 35-strong Secondary Band produced a spectacular show consisting of three half-hour adaptations of the “Wizard of Oz” performed by Years 1-4, “An Inspector Calls” by Year 5 and rounded off by Year 6 with their rendition of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

Some might wonder if such a venture of three plays in one afternoon would be too ambitious but the show’s director, Victor Torcato, clearly recognised the extraordinary talents that exist within these very young students and tailored the performances accordingly.

The packed audience soon realised that it wasn’t witnessing a standard production. What was received were polished and word-perfect bi-lingual vignettes in which the children themselves enjoyed participating with clear diction and lively action.

Powerful singing solos were provided by Luke Ambler as Joseph, by Tatiana Torcato as Dorothy and the trio of Norah Seydoux, Sophia Strevens and Kristina Torcato who performed ‘Let’s face the music and dance’.

Whilst it is not possible to name all the students within the confines of this article, each and every one contributed in full to giving much pleasure to the parents, teachers and friends who attended the performances.

The costumes and props were largely provided by the parents and Mrs Annie Daenens, retired teacher at the school. Mrs Isabella Clarke, mother of Marianna who starred as the Wizard, rose to the occasion with her remarkable facial transformation of Kai Eaton who played the Cowardly Lion.