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An aesthetic survey – the Facial Assessment Approach

Text by Shirin Samimi-Fard (German Specialist Center Carvoeiro)

Many of us are quite difficult to please when it comes to aesthetic treatments. We have high standards for results and, for most of us, the worst treatment imaginable is the one that is visible – the one that shows we’ve done it.

Most likely we have also reached a stage in our lives where we are not looking for instant results that make us look different. We just want to show ourselves from our best side – for example, freshly recovered after a relaxed holiday. Furthermore, most of us have busy schedules and cannot afford a long downtime after an aesthetic procedure. We expect a safe and gentle treatment with long-lasting results. Most of all, we want to look natural, instead of looking tired or aged, because we don’t have time to rest at home.

To fulfil our patients’ high expectations, we are working with the ‘Facial Assessment Approach’, which means that we are considering and analysing the whole face, and not just parts of the face, to create an overall aesthetic harmony. Our goal is always to achieve a youthful, smooth and natural look, rather than an artificial one. That is why each patient is offered a specially tailored treatment plan where they are treated individually, holistically and, of course, with calm and time.

Photo of Mrs Shirin Samimi-Fard analysing aesthetic exams' results on the computer at the German Specialist Center Carvoeiro

The Signs of Ageing:
Collagen is the key to a firmer skin. Over time, our body produces less collagen – leading to the visible signs of ageing. With the following treatment therapies our patients at the German Specialist Center Carvoeiro will be able to restimulate, replace the lost collagen, and to restore volume to smooth away wrinkles and folds.

  • Neuromodulator (for treating mimic wrinkles):
    – Botulinum is used very successfully for ‘frown lines’, ‘worry lines’ (transverse wrinkles on the forehead) and ‘crow’s feet’ (small wrinkles when squinting the eyes)
    – Some longitudinal creases on the neck can also be treated, as well as sunken corners of the mouth.


  • Skinbooster (deep moisturising mask from the inside):
    – Is able to retain moisture in the deep layers of the skin, thus achieving long-lasting hydration of the skin, and an improvement in its elasticity, structure and glow;
    – It is also great in improving acne scars.


  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:
    – Smoothing of lines and wrinkles in the mouth area;
    – Building up the lips volume;
    – Balancing and reducing lines and wrinkles in the forehead and eye area;
    – Defining and restoring volume in the cheek area;
    – Reducing the visible signs of ageing through targeted contouring and shaping.


  • Hyaluronic Acid Volumizers:
    – Tightening of facial contours;
    – Correction of the chin line;
    – Defining and restoring volume in the cheekbone area;
    – Lifting and projection effects in the cheeks and cheekbones area;
    – Evens out and reduces lines and wrinkles in the nasolabial and marionette areas;
    – Straightening of the nose bridge;
    – Reduction of the visible signs of ageing by targeted improvement of skin quality through contouring and shaping.


  • Michelangelo™ (injection lipolysis):
    – Can be used to treat local fat deposits all over the body, including the following regions in particular:
    – Double chin, sagging cheeks, hamster cheeks, upper arms, armpits, abdomen, hips, saddlebags, knees, ankles, accumulation of fat on the buttocks, chest and inner thighs with the benefit of less burning and swelling.


  • Original Fraxel Laser:
    – Facial wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, improvement of the skin texture (pore size);
    – Age sun spots, pregnancy spots, pigment disorders;
    – Acne scars and surgical scars;
    – Scars after permanent hair removal, burn injuries;
    – Chronic photodamage;
    – Stretch marks;
    – Skin cancer precursors (usually covered by private health insurance companies).


  • Biostimulator (Sculptra® – the key to firmer skin):
    – Sculptra® improves the quality, volume and thickness of the skin by stimulating collagen neogenesis;
    – Renews the skin structure, as it creates the structural foundation to restore a younger appearance, and improves quality, volume and resilience;
    – Stimulates collagen production as a biostimulator deep in the skin, and induces the natural regeneration of lost collagen;
    – By stimulating the body’s own natural collagen production, the effect of Sculptra® unfolds gently and gradually. The collagen content in the skin is gradually rebuilt, and the end result is clearly visible in a tighter, firmer and smoother complexion;
    – An increase in Type I collagen levels by 66% has been shown;
    – This type of collagen is one of the main characteristics of young and elastic skin;
    – Works naturally.


  • IPL therapy for the treatment of pigment spots, age spots, sun spots and couperose.


  • Thread lift (advantages of thread lifting):
    – Less stress than traditional facelift;
    – No visible scars;
    – Fast healing;
    – Short treatment time;
    – Low risk of pain and inflammation;
    – Results can be seen immediately after the procedure.


The combination of the above-mentioned treatment procedures will achieve synergistic results. Each procedure and can be integrated in a multi-stage-treatment plan for targeting efficiently all layers of the skin for better outcomes.

For further detailed information, we are, of course, at your disposal at the German Specialist Center Carvoeiro. Our dermatologist, Mrs Shirin Samimi-Fard, has been specially trained in this effective treatment method through training and further education.

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Photo of Mrs Shirin Samimi-Fard at the German Specialist Center Carvoeiro

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