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Amigos in retrospective

For members of the Amigos de Música de São Lourenço the year has already come to an end and the group are now starting a programme of events for a new season.

Classical music performed at the Centro Cultural São Lourenço and organised by the Amigos traditionally begins in September and ends in June and during the last 2010/2011 season the group hosted 16 concerts, despite the financial crisis.

Concerts included performances by Yevgeny Sudbin, the young Russian pianist, Sa Chen, the celebrated Chinese pianist who flew in from Beijing for her two concerts, Piers Lane and Michael Collins who celebrated Easter at São Lourenço and performed two concerts, and the team Dutch violinist Jeroen de Groot and pianist Bart van der Roer.

Tango dancers entertained the members at the anniversary celebrations.
Tango dancers entertained the members at the anniversary celebrations.

Meanwhile, the Centro Cultural celebrated its 30th anniversary during the 2010/2011 season with a summer party with a South American theme and Tango dancers to complement the evening.

The Amigos will once again be arranging for a variety of concerts through the 2011/2012 season with the opening concert coming from the Sinaiski Trio who will be flying in from Moscow for their performances on September 14 and September 17.

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