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Americans in Portugal hold Cascais lunch

CASCAIS CULTURAL Centre was the stage for another Americans in Portugal lunch last week, hosted by the organisation’s directors, Don David Price and Patricia Westheimer.

The guest of honour at the previous Americans in Portugal lunch was the American Ambassador to Portugal, Alfred Hoffman Junior, and it was deemed appropriate for guests this week to be given an opportunity acquaint themselves further with the American Embassy’s various departments. More than 60 assembled guests were divided among six tables, each seating 10 people, and a representative from the American Embassy sat at each table, the guests having chosen their table of choice in advance.

There were no formal speeches, just short introductions, when each of the department’s representatives described their roles at the Embassy. Diners at each table then had the opportunity to chat informally with the Embassy’s officers.

João Ecsodi, from the Embassy’s Public Affairs section – which deals with the image of the United States abroad – occupied one of the tables. Consul General, Brian Oberle, who provides consular services to Americans visiting or residing in Portugal, sat at another. Also attending were Matthew Harrington, from the Embassy’s Political and Economic Section, and Gregory Taevs, from the Embassy’s Foreign and Commercial Section, which deals with American exports to Portugal and international trade in general. The Embassy’s Defence Attaché, Colonel Rick Villalobos, who acts as the liaison between American and Portuguese armed services, sat at another table. Finally, there was Thomas K Haycroft from the Embassy’s Regional Security Office.

During lunch there was a raffle and prize draw. Varied prizes included a “How to Write” seminar with Patricia Westheimer, two bottles of Portuguese champagne, a photo portrait sitting, together with framed prints, and dinner for two at various restaurants in Lisbon and Cascais.

Among the lunch guests were familiar faces such as Dr Matthew Zawasky, from the Cascais International Health Clinic, a contributor to The Resident.