Amera, where you always come first

Amera is synonymous with assisted living, a concept that goes far beyond the traditional care home and which is more comprehensive than the modern care home concept.

Many care homes are, frequently, not adequately prepared to look after entirely dependent people. This means that when elderly residents reach this stage, they have to move again and adapt to another home.

At Amera, they provide care for all dependencies, whether physical or mental. The team welcomes and integrates people who feel they are no longer capable of running their own home, who feel insecure or who are simply lonely.

In an atmosphere that is family-oriented, but which also includes professionals of the highest standards, at Amera they provide care tailored to residents’ changing needs.

They also welcome those needing temporary care due to acute health conditions. With the support they provide in the physical and psychological recovery, the Amera team restores people’s freedom to return to independent living. Some residents, however, prefer to stay.

Amera was founded in 2004 at Quinta da Torre d’Aguilha in Carcavelos, near Lisbon, where its first care home was established. In 2012, a second home was opened in Faro and in 2015 a new one is planned in Estoril.

For more information about the home in Faro and all services available, please visit www.amera.com.pt or call 289 803 747.