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Ambulances involved in Castro Marim collision: six hurt, one seriously

At least six people have been injured – one of them seriously – after a violent collision involving two ambulances, a truck and two cars in the Algarvian borough of Castro Marim today.

The accident happened shortly after midday on the IC27 not far from Azinhal.

Sixteen rescue and support vehicles rushed to the scene as an ANPC (civil protection) helicopter airlifted the most seriously injured victim – an 82-year-old man – to Faro hospital, reports CMTV.

The vehicle that appears to have been most damaged was a fire service ambulance which ended up catapulting off the highway and landing in a ditch on its side.

Forty-five firefighters and medical crew attended the scene, while the road was cut off to traffic in both directions.

The other victims were taken to nearby health units for treatment.

CMTV said that initial reports suggested seven people had been hurt. A child was being given psychological support, added the station, while noticiasaominuto said that in all 11 people were involved.

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