Amber Alert deadline

A VOLUNTEER organisation from the UK has joined The Resident in urging people to lobby MEPs in support of an Amber Alert system throughout Europe.

Forever Searching, an internet group that aims to raise awareness of missing children throughout the world, is urging the public to lobby MEPs to support and sign the written declaration “Emergency cooperation in recovering missing children”.

A spokesman from Forever Searching told The Resident: “We have been lobbying MEPs about this declaration since it was unveiled, so far we have had no responses but we will continue to lobby them using various means including facebook and myspace.”

MEPs only have three months to sign this declaration from the date it was unveiled (April 21) before the motion expires.  The deadline for this is July 21 so European citizens have six weeks left to persuade their MEPs to sign this vital declaration.

As of June 5, 211 MEPs had signed the declaration so a further 182 signatures from MEPs are needed to pass the declaration.

You can sign the online petition supporting the written declaration by visiting, where there is also other information about children who are missing worldwide.

For further information about how to lobby your MEP and the European alert system see last week’s edition of The Resident (June 6) or contact Daisy Samspon at The Resident by calling 282 342 936 or emailing [email protected]

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