Ambassador of Israel welcomed by Algarve Jewish community

The Faro Jewish Heritage Centre welcomed the newly-appointed Ambassador of Israel Ehud Gol, to a ceremonial lunch attended by various important figures in the Algarve.

On August 27, the civil governor of Faro, Carlos Silva Gomes (third from left), who attended the ceremony, acknowledged the importance of the Jewish community in the Algarve, while Ehud Gol praised the close co-operation and friendship between the Jewish community and the Algarve.

Also attending the ceremony was the new chief of tourism in the Algarve, Nuno Aires and Mayor of Faro José Apolinário.

After the ceremony, lunch was held at the Eva Hotel in Faro which enabled 30 members of the Faro Jewish community attending the lunch to meet and greet the new Ambassador of Israel.

Ralph Pinto, vice-president and project director of the Faro Jewish Heritage Centre, told the Algarve Resident: “They were extremely excited that we are maintaining the Jewish heritage in the Algarve. They seemed particularly impressed by our new museum that we have been developing since 2007, where we are preserving furniture from a synagogue from 1820.”

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