Amateurs open Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio – Lisboa organisers have announced the launch of ‘Objective: Rock in Rio-Lisboa’, to encourage Portuguese muscians to fulfil their dreams of playing at the festival by sending a demo tape to a specially selected jury. After the 10 best bands or artists have been selected, their music will be aired on ‘Cabaret da Coxa’, a Sic Radical TV talk show and on MegaFM radio station. The public will then decide who they would like to see perform at the event, either by sending an SMS or voting on the Rock in Rio-Lisboa internet site. The winner of the competition will win the once in a lifetime opportunity to open the event on the main stage. Any unsigned artists interested in participating in the competition can sign up on or send the coupon published in Blitz magazine with a demo tape of three songs to Apartado 1139, 27771-901 Paço d’Arcos by February 13.