Amateur artists shine at Aura

news: Amateur artists shine at Aura

TALENTED AMATEUR artists gathered for the prize giving of the Open House Show organised by Aura Galeria de Arte in Praia da Luz. The show invited local residents to submit their artwork and almost 100 paintings were entered into the event, from artists ranging from two to 78 years old.

Artwork included abstract paintings, fantasy landscapes and pastel portraits. There were also sculptures and paintings on wood. Fifteen of the paintings on display were submitted by the pupils of Núcleo de Educação para Crianças Inadaptadas (NECI), an educational centre for children with learning difficulties, with all proceeds from sales going to that charity.

The standard of art was exceptionally high and very difficult to judge. Clive Cook, one of the Algarve’s most respected artists, had that task.

Naomi Anderson won the first prize in the 0-9 age group for her abstract painting ‘Artistic Blobs’, which she made when she was 4. The small painting was so good that several people made offers to buy it, but to Naomi’s mother it is priceless. Second prize in the 0-9 age group went to the bright canvas, ‘Felicidade’, by Mariana Gonçalves.

Sofie Hasselmyr from Vale Verde School in Burgau won the second prize in the 9-16 age group for her skillfully shaded, monochromatic charcoal piece of an oriental dragon. The work was also a winner in the end of year school exhibition, so Sofie’s talent is already being noted. Sixteen-year-old Ciara Farrell, on holiday at Estrela da Luz resort, entered several drawings of wild animals. Her pencil sketch of rhinoceroses outshone all others and won her first prize in the 9-16s.

The choice for first and second prizes in the adult age group was exceptionally hard in the face of so much artistic prowess. Bento Ventura exhibited three amazing, surreal paintings in vivid colours, demonstrating an exceptional imagination and dexterity. His ‘O Sofrimento da Velha Mãe Natureza’ (The Suffering of the Old Mother Nature) painting won second prize.

Gaëlle Hamp-Adams won Best Artwork in the Show for ‘O Café’. Gaëlle Hamp-Adams is already highly regarded in the Algarve for her creative skills, always using a subtle and beautiful mix of colours and media.

Prizes for the winners were Frank Clarke art materials. Frank Clarke, the world renowned Irish TV personality, will be running an art course at the gallery from October 15 to 22. Gaëlle Hamp-Adams also won a meal for two at Calabaza Restaurant at the Oceânico resort, Estrela da Luz.

Aura is currently holding an exhibition of Johannes Kohlrush’s recent paintings, entitled ‘Sacre Bleu’, which will run until September 15. For more information call 282 771 200 or 962 076 508.