Amadora opens new

Officials from Amadora Câmara presided over the opening of three new car parks in its concelho last week. A total of 520 places will help to alleviate parking problems in one of the capital’s most congested areas. The three new car parks opened on September 11, the date on which Amadora commemorated 25 years as a concelho. They are located in the freguesias of Venteira, Alfragide and Venda Nova.

Situated in one of the busiest zones of the capital, the Venteira car park, in Largo Dário Gandra Nunes, is underground and has space for around 170 vehicles. It is the only one built by a private company and cost three million euros. The new facility has been controversial from the outset but, according to Amadora Câmara, this only arose following “a misunderstanding” between the contractor and the câmara. “We put the project out to public tender in the hope that various firms would come up with offers, but, to our amazement, only one emerged,” said câmara spokesman Gabriel Oliveira.

Alfragide’s new facilities are located in Praceta do Miradouro, near Quinta Grande. The car park will have 150 spaces, representing a municipal investment of around 25,000 euros. Venda Nova’s new car park will have 200 spaces and can be found next to Praceta Eduardo Jorge. Oliveira says that all the new parks will be competitively priced – tariffs will depend on whether tickets are purchased monthly, daily or hourly.