Alvarinho Nature from QM

Alvarinho Nature from QM

This is one of the most interesting Alvarinho wines I have tried in some time – certainly not cheap at €17.50 (Continente Supermarket) but a wine that expresses the Alvarinho grape unlike any other.

By “Nature”, the producer means that this wine is produced as naturally as possible. But what I found most interesting is how it unexpectedly resembles an orange wine, i.e. a white wine that is fermented and aged with the skin as well as the pulp. There is not mention of this on the producer’s description, but it has a tannic quality that can usually only come from skin contact during fermentation.

This is a wine to be enjoyed with food, showing vivid citric, floral and mineral notes on the nose, solid structure in the mouth with subtle flavours of white and citric fruits leading to a very dry finish.

The producer recommends the wine be paired with seafood, grilled fish, Italian or Asian food – something of a broad swathe. I found it to be an excellent partner for slow roast belly of pork, the solid acidity and citric character doing a wonderful job of cutting through the fattiness of the meat.

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