Altice hits back at “populist” claims that it’s doing a bad job

Telecommunications operator Altice got its day in the limelight today, hitting back at last week’s pasting from radical left-wingers (click here).

Executive president Alexandre Fonseca denounced Bloco de Esquerda’s attack as “populist”, saying it was “a selection of untruths… and unfactual situations”.

Altice remains committed to its contracts, he said, whether they refer to telephone lines, the TDT (digital television) or SIRESP (emergency communications) networks, with plans to spend millions on fibreoptics benefitting interior regions like the Serra da Estrela and all its boroughs which up till now have struggled with slow internet coverage.

Coming out of a two-hour meeting with parliamentary vice-president Jorge Lacão, Fonseca told journalists: “The next step is simple. We are here in Portugal to implement an industrial project, to develop the national economy, to work in the telecommunications sector. We don’t do politics. We do telecommunications and technology. That is our position”.

Altice has been in varying degrees of hot water since its disastrous ‘performance’ during last summer’s wildfires.

Communications networks collapsed (many simply melting in the heat) and SIRESP – meant to be ready for emergencies – ground to a halt in numerous occasions.

A bolt of lightening in one of the winter storms then affected thousands of customers in the western Algarve who were left ‘high and dry’ without any kind of service for as much as two weeks.

Elsewhere, there have been similar ‘bad-Altice-news’ stories, with a number of interior villages saying they had been left without even basic landlines for months.

Today, Fonseca insisted his company’s service was running at 100%.

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