“Alojamento” alerts

Dear Editor

I am writing to give an alternative view on the ‘shockwaves’ disseminated via the press over black-marketeers in the “Alojamento Local” sector. As we were all led to believe earlier this year – and indeed in certain publications even this festive season – tax inspectors would be hammering anyone and everyone who dared rent out rooms or properties without being “legal”. For “legal” one has to read “hounded at every turn with rules and regulations that involve huge amounts of unnecessary expense”. Well, as those who turned a blind eye to the warnings will have found out to their own considerable relief and delight, no tax inspectors came knocking at our gates or doors over the summer – nor indeed over the festive season.

Now – and I have it on good authority – comes the news that most of these alerts were pushed through by the authorities which saw them as the only way to terrify people into getting legal. They have little chance of doing it any other way, as they are understaffed and ill-equipped to send forces out on the ground.

Thus perhaps it would help people more if newspapers looked behind the stories that are constantly ‘appearing’ by way of public statements released by our powermakers.

Very much like the issue of employment, political statements these days seem to have got wise to the fact that anything will be repeated, no matter whether it is true or total fabrication.

Frank Warner
By email