Aloe Vera juice – it works for me!

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Having modelled since she was 11 years old for high profile brands and companies around the world, Samira Mohamed Ali is “very proud” to be half Portuguese and half Arabic, with a strong Welsh accent! Samira, who is a regular Algarve visitor, brings you natural remedies to combat puffy eyes and dark circles.

I don’t know where the time is going. I cannot believe this is my third column. Now I want to share a little secret with you all.

This time of year everyone’s thoughts are on fitting into that perfect Christmas party outfit. The men want to look trim and women want to look slim. I bet you have been hitting the gym and going on intensive diets!

Our mind sets this time of year don’t really want to diet, we want to eat all the Christmas chocolate going around the office and catch up with friends and family.

We don’t want to have to dismiss having some nibbles and maybe a cheeky glass of wine. But we feel so guilty if we are indulging before Christmas.

I have come across a really amazing method. It’s not technically dieting and certainly not starvation, something most of us feel we need to do before we hit our Christmas parties.

It’s Aloe Vera. Most people would associate Aloe Vera with being a good healer on a cut or irritated skin, which it is, but it works even better internally and it sheds the pounds quickly.

It really is more effective inside your body than outside. This is not a long term answer to weight loss, but certainly one that I use to make me feel ready and prepared for the Christmas period.

It only needs to be done for 14 days and you will see the difference on your body for at least a month after.

You will need to buy Aloe Vera juice – it needs to be completely natural with no hidden or added ingredients. Also make sure you are buying the juice as there are several types of liquid formulas and some have hidden steroid effects which will actually bulk you up naturally.

Aloe Vera juice is a thin, water-based type juice.  It is so nutritional that your skin and hair will have more of a glow also.

It works by attacking your gut, breaking down stubborn properties that cause bloating and water retention.

Over a 14 day period, it really should have cleared all the toxins and restored the gut It’s also works as a colon cleansing agent, so be sure not to eat fatty foods.     

This really is a juice drink, all in one. It’s a proven fact that Aloe Vera juice contains a type of protein that the body has to exert a lot of energy to break down, therefore speeding metabolism for best results.

Chill the juice and do not add it to any other liquids, as some say on the bottle to do.

You can drink take from two to six ounces a day, depending on your weight and also how sensitive your stomach is to new products or food.

If you have never de-toxed your body internally, or usually stick to the same diet for long periods, start with two ounces. If you find your body can handle this after three days and you are not producing too much wind, then up the amount taken.

This is a natural product, so no harm can be done but like all cleansing methods there can be minor side effects, such as diarrhoea, some instances of fatigue if your body is not used to being cleansed. It is important that you drink plenty of water.

After 14 days your mind and body will feel refreshed and you should notice the inches that have fallen off.

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Merry Christmas!