Lisbon tenants give government’s new housing policies thumbs up
The country's battle for decent housing is likely to continue for many years

Almost 84% of municipalities identify 77,000 families in ‘undignified homes’

Almost 84% of municipalities are developing Local Housing Strategies under the 1st Right programme, having identified 77,000 families living in undignified conditions, minister for housing Marina Gonçalves told parliament today. In a regular hearing at the Economy, Public Works, Planning and Housing Commission, she presented data updated to July 3 on the 1st Right programme created in 2018 to find solutions for what was then (only) 26,000 families with housing shortages. Now that number has mushroomed, with solutions impossible in the short term. The original 26,000 families will be provided with ‘housing solutions between now and 2026, funded by the RRP (recovery and resilience plan) at a cost of €1.2 billion.