Almost 10,000 drivers lose points in first five days of new penalty system

Almost 10,000 drivers lost points on their driving licences within five days of the new penalty system coming into force. Data coming from both GNR and PSP police shows that of the 9,889 offences logged, 298 involved drink-driving which will have wiped out between five and six points straight away. This means the drivers involved are now a short step from having to undergo a driver ‘re-training’ programme.

Any driver with only five points left on their licence (of the regulatory 12) is now required by law to enroll on a re-training programme, which has to be completed within six months, or they risk losing their licenses altogether.

To help drivers keep up with the points system, the ANSR (national road safety authority) has a list of who has what points (left) on their licence on the ‘offences portal’ of its website.

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