Almargem calls protest to halt “destruction” of Lagos beach

Environmental association Almargem – fiercely against the sand replenishment project ongoing at Lagos’ D. Ana beach – has called for a mass demonstration this Saturday afternoon (April 18), starting at 3pm.

Appealing to the “people of Lagos and friends of the Algarve coast”, Almargem claims the works will “destroy” a beach that has been considered “the most beautiful in the world” by Condé Nast Traveller magazine.

Lagos council, however, maintains its €1.8 million intervention is “indispensable for the protection of the beach and the security of beach-goers”.

Almargem’s contention is that the council’s motives are misplaced, and that no amount of sand replenishment will actually make the beach safe as it is the cliffs that pose the greatest problem.

While sand infilling is “aimed mostly at protecting tourist establishments that were illegally built on cliffs years ago, as well as increasing the length of the beach so that more tourists can use it,” the instability of cliffs threatens beachgoers’ safety, said the association – while “not enough is known” about the impact that new sand could have on maritime ecosystems and fishing.

The only “honest and adequate solution” – even though it would affect tourism – is to set up danger perimeters, preventing beachgoers from getting too close to the cliffs, says Almargem.

The Resident reported last week (see story ‘Lagos resumes sand replenishment project’ at that the sand replenishment was programmed to begin six years ago but had to be revised and only recently received the green light from the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA).

The beach and its parking and access routes are now partially closed to the public during the work, which is expected to last up to June 15.

Almargem’s protest has been called for 3pm on Saturday at the Praia D. Ana.