Almancil scouts collect food for Animal Rescue Algarve

Almancil scouts collect food for Animal Rescue Algarve

The donations were delivered at ARA’s shelter in Loulé, where the scouts got to know the animals they helped

Almancil Scouts Group 243 (Tribo de Escoteiros) visited Animal Rescue Algarve’s (ARA) shelter, in the Cabanita area of Loulé, on April 15. The visit resulted from the scouts’ quarterly theme, which looked at volunteering and animal welfare as essential to our society.

The around 15 members, aged between nine and 12, were accompanied by their leaders and delivered a large amount of pet food, the result of a previous collection campaign.

After delivering the donations, the group set out on a tour of the Cabanita shelter.

The Almancil Tribo de Escuteiros saw the three areas where the dogs eat and sleep, the 14 parks where they play and socialise every day, the three catteries, the area where volunteers live and work, as well as the adoption centre and offices.

Almancil scouts collect food for Animal Rescue Algarve

During the visit, the scouts were able to interact closely with the animals they chose to help, got to know their stories, as well as why they were rescued and how ARA is trying to find them a home.

Given the nature of the work carried out by the association, throughout the morning, the participants learnt about the importance of treating animals with love and respect, and what to do if faced with an animal in need of help.

“These types of initiatives are important to ARA which, beyond solving present problems, also acknowledges the need to invest in the future, especially among the younger age groups who will be the ones capable of changing behaviours associated with outdated views on animal welfare, which have resulted in years of neglect and suffering for numerous animals,” said an ARA spokesperson.