Almancil forgotten in EN125 renovation project

PLANS for the complete renovation of the EN125 road, proposed by the government in March, have been criticised by Almancil’s business association (AEA), for not including plans to renew roads in disrepair in and around the town.

In a statement, the business association said: “Almancil, which is considered to be at the heart of the Algarve’s tourism industry, with several internationally renowned tourist developments, has once again been forgotten.”

This statement went on to criticise the fact that new and essential access routes between the EN125 and large tourist developments in and around Almancil were not included in the government’s renovation plans. “Although a by-pass south of Almancil town is being planned by Loulé Câmara, we consider that the government should have given the area more attention as tourism is fundamental to the region’s economy”.

Mendes Bota, the regional parliamentary representative for the social democratic party, has also criticised the government for not fully explaining how the renovation will be paid for and has asked whether tolls will be placed on the A22 Via do Infante motorway.

In total, 273km of road will be redeveloped in the project to renovate the EN125 until 2010, including 157.5km of renewal works, 29.5km of new constructed roads and 86km of maintenance and restoration.

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