Almancil demands another pharmacy

ALMANCIL’S Junta de Freguesia is sending a petition to various official entities, including Infarmed, in order to gain permission for another pharmacy to be opened in the town. The parish council says that the population’s requirements are not being met, due to the fact that there is only one chemist in Almancil.

Apparently, there have been constant complaints made about the situation because the people of Almancil often have to travel to Loulé, Quarteira and even Faro to obtain their medicines. According to the Junta de Freguesia, there are nearly 30,000 people in the Almancil area during the summer months and, for this reason, it is urgent that another pharmacy is opened. The Resident spoke to some local people to find out their views.

“I often have to drive to Quarteira or Vilamoura because, on many occasions, there are no parking spaces near the pharmacy in Almancil which is very inconvenient,” says local resident and business owner, Karin Romano. “There is always a queue when I use the chemist and this can be very annoying when you don’t have much time and just need something simple, like paracetamol,” says Quinta do Lago resident, Jane Wood.Meanwhile, João Silva, who works in the area, points out: “If the new government’s plan to allow supermarkets to sell medicines does become a reality, maybe no extra pharmacy will be needed in Almancil after all.”

Infarmed is being asked for a decision about the licence request that was sent some time ago, for which no authorisation has been received to date.