Almada pushing for new forms of tourism

CULTURE, RELIGION, sport and business are to form the mainstay of Almada’s tourism and development policy for the next 10 years.

The local municipal authority says that the south side of the River Tejo should no longer just gamble on beach tourism, but should explore new avenues.

Fernando João Moreira, Professor at Estoril’s Hotel and Tourism College, Escola Superior de Hotelaria and Turismo, whose team has developed a Strategic Development Plan for Tourism for Almada, believes that the local authority has to think in terms of culture, sport, religion and business in the future.

In terms of pilgrim tourism, the local authority would need to bring in tourists to stay overnight in Almada and not just do a whistle-stop visit of the Cristo-Rei statue.

In terms of sport, the district needs to think along the lines of golf, wind surfing, body boarding and water skiing.

Both the Municipal Theatre – Forum Romeu Correia and the new Academia Almadense are just two places being considered for extensive cultural programmes, business meetings and seminars.

The Project Coordinator highlighted the river front area as a main zone for tourism development which needed to be explored.

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