Almada A&E bosses submit bloc resignations, citing staff shortfall
The government team walking into new talks with doctors syndicates. Image: LUSA

Almada A&E bosses submit bloc resignations, citing staff shortfall

… as negotiations between doctors syndicates and government fail to scintillate

Medical team at Almada State hospital’s General Emergency Service (SUG) of the have submitted letters of resignation from their posts today in protest at the December schedule, which they say is “below the minimums” required for safe healthcare.

In a letter addressed to the clinical director of Almada’s Garcia de Orta Hospital, the group explains that the planned schedule includes several days on which the number of team members on duty is below the minimum to ensure the smooth running of the service.

“As team leaders, hospital assistants of internal medicine and doctors of this hospital, we cannot accept to lead an emergency team in the present working conditions and poor conditions of care in the SUG as they are currently,” the physicians have stressed in their letter published today by SIM, the independent syndicate of doctors. 

The team leaders state that the December schedule – very much along the lines of schedules presented in recent months – normalises a team made up of four people or less – a number that they consider insufficient to guarantee all the necessary positions for the proper functioning of the SUG and the provision of safe care for patients and professionals.

Almada hospital is among several across Portugal that have seen severe staffing pressures in recent months, with other cases of department heads (not to mention nurses) submitting their resignations.

Elsewhere, the resumption of ‘negotations’ between doctors syndicates and the government has been lacklustre.

Reports last night described doctors as “dissatisfied” with what they have heard so far, particularly when it comes to demands for salary increases and career advancement which the government appears not to have even considered yet.

A new round of talks is scheduled for December 15, with health minister Manuel Pizarro already warning the government “cannot satisfy everyone”…

Source material: LUSA