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Allrescue ensures surveillance on Loulé beaches

The lifeguard association will be responsible for the surveillance of the Municipality’s beaches for the third consecutive year.

For the third consecutive year, AllRescue – Associação de Nadadores-Salvadores (Lifeguard Association) will ensure bathing surveillance in the Loulé Municipality, focusing on unsupervised beaches.

However, AllRescue elements will also support the other lifeguards on the concession beaches, reinforcing surveillance whenever requested.

It should be noted that this service, essential during the bathing season, has also been provided throughout the year on dates of large influx to the bathing areas of the Municipality.

“At a time when weather conditions are like summer, but the sea remains like winter, with all the risks that this entails, this initiative is of great importance to guarantee the safety of bathers in these periods”, says the Municipality.

In case of an emergency on Loulé beaches, the public should call 912 527 286.